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  • Soybean Peptides Powder

    Description: It is made from non-GMO isolated soy protein and produced by biological technology and can be absorbed directly and quickly by human body. It is also a new functional food ingredients, to be widely used in health-care products, beverage, dairy products, medical and special dietary products, etc.
    Product Functions: Relieving fatigue, promptly supplementing and balancing the nutrients needed by the body, strengthening immunity and raising vitality, so it is also reputed as the "Super Amino Acid".
  • Soy Dietary Fiber

    Description: It is made from high quality non-GMO soybeans, being the general name to macromolecules of saccharides that cannot be digested by the human body, and that include cellulose, pectin xylan, mannose, etc. And it is acknowledged as "the seventh nutrient".
    Characteristics: Excellent capacities in water retaining, expanding, emulsifying, suspending and thickening; due to many active groups on the surface of the fiber, it can intercalate and absorb organic molecules such as cholesterol and bile acid. Research proves that appropriate consumption of SDFP serves to increase movement of the bowels, to improve function of digestive system, to dilute the concentration of toxic and hazardous substances, thus shortening the time of these harmful substances remaining in the intestinal system and in contact with its walls, to prevent colon cancer, to increase sense of satiety and curb overeating; this dietary powder also helps to lessen the rate of coronary heart disease, to repair the damage to the pancreas because of long term excessive drinking, and to lower the content of cholesterol in the serum, etc.
  • Soy Oligosaccharide

    Description: It is made from non-GMO soybeans and produced by using the most advanced membrane separation technology and resin absorption technology in the world and it can be drunken directly. Its high physicochemical stability makes it widely used in health-care foods, soft drinks, candies, pastries, cooked wheaten products, dairy products, milk powder for infants and so on. It is extensively used in pharmaceutical products as well.
    Product Functions: Nourishing the intestines and easing constipation, regulating intestinal flora, and improving the gastric and intestinal function.