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Company Development Course

  • 2002.01,
    The company was founded
  • 2002.07,
    Passed the health-care food certificate of soy oligosaccharide
  • 2003.02,
    Passed the hygienic registration certificate of exported food manufacturer
  • 2003.02,
    Passed the ISO9001:2000 certificate
  • 2004.07,
    Passed the GMP certificate of soy oligosaccharide health-care food
  • 2004.08,
    Passed HALAL certificate
  • 2004.12,
    Purchased the soybean business of Shandong Shansong Bioengineering Group and set up three branches of Linxi, Daqing, Fujing
  • 2005.05,
    Be listed in Singapore Stock Exchange by the name of  Linyi Shansong Biological Products Co., Ltd; Set up Anqing Branch, Cancelled Fujing Branch and Passed the certificate of green and non-genic food
  • 2007.02,
    Its products were regarded as A-Grade Green Food by China Green Food Development Center. Tiansong soybean oligosaccharides and Tineng soy peptides are recommended as "Advocated Nutritious and Healthy Product" by the National Public Nutrition and Development Center.
  • 2008,
    Passed KOSHER certificate
  • 2008,
    Shansong participated in the enacting of national standards of "Soybean Oligosaccharides GB/T22491-2008" and "Soy Peptides Powder GB/T22492-2008" and promoted the rapid development of soybean further processing industry
  • 2009.04,
    Passed ISO9001: 2008 Surveillance
  • 2010,
    Listed as a demonstrative base of China soybean further processing by China Soybean Food Institute
  • 2011.01,
    Honored as "One of Top Ten Health-Care Demonstrative Bases", and Li Zhuping, the CEO, was honored as "The Great Man Promoting the National Health-care Food Development"