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Soy Protein, the Star of Protein


Soy protein is not strange to all of us since we often take in it from all kinds of food. Soy protein contains nine amino acids which are necessary for human body. As we know, soy protein has good taste, and it is a kind of perfect protein which is similar animal protein among vegetables, but it is better than animal protein since soy protein does not contain cholesterol and it can reduce cholesterol in the blood serum.

Just because soybeans contain high protein and it does not contain cholesterol, so soy protein is widely used by people. However, natural soy protein has its disadvantage. In natural soy protein, methionine, a necessary amino acid, is very little. At present, after being processed by modern methods, the quality of soy protein is improved a lot, and at the same time, the content of fat in the soy protein is reduced as well. These processing methods only improve the quality of soy protein without changing the amino acid mounds of the soy protein.

In the past, people paid much attention to absorb animal protein without noticing soy protein benefits, but soon they realized that to take in too much animal protein was not good for their health at all since the cholesterol in the animal protein can make people's health worse if it is too high. Along with many researches, people found the great functions of soy protein health because soy protein not only contains high protein food value but also does not contain cholesterol, and its special physiological activator is flavone can also reduce cholesterol.

What's more, soy protein has special function on the brain development of fetus, so pregnant women should absorb more soy protein more to promote the vigorous growth of interior structure of brain cells, and then the intelligence of fetus will be improved a lot.

Since soy protein is so good and even better than animal protein, does it mean that soy protein can replace animal protein in the future? Should people just absorb soy protein only and give up absorbing animal protein? The answer is absolutely no. Soy protein still has certain disadvantage comparing with some excellent animal protein, so we had better take in both soy protein and animal protein in order to improve the food value of protein further.

At present, people already realize the importance of soy protein, and that's why soy food gets more and more popular among people.