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The Advantages of Soy Protein over Animal Protein


Now soybean is having a more and more important place in our daily life with our increasing knowledge about it. According to the scientific studies on the nutrition of soy protein and that of animal protein, the former has many advantages over the later.

Soy protein, a kind of vegetable protein, occupies about 38% of the soybean products. It contains nine amino acids which are indispensable to human body. These amino acids are in such a balanced ratio that they can completely satisfy human needs. The composition of amino acids in natural soy protein is similar to that of amino acids in animal protein like milk protein. In the aspect of nutritional value, soy protein is also equal to animal protein and it can be easily absorbed by human body. Soy protein does not have any cholesterol while the animal protein contains cholesterol which may lead to myocardial infarction. Too much intake of yolk, cheese, sausage and milk will do great harm to your health.

The protein contained in soy is almost twice that in meat and eggs which are the main resources of animal protein. And the soy protein has been listed as the high quality protein since it has enough amino acid for keeping human healthy. In addition, isoflavone, the physiological active substance peculiar to the soy protein can lower the level of cholesterol and blood sugar so as to keep you fit. The isoflavone will also help improve the antioxidant capacity of your body.

The soy protein benefits people can gain from the soy protein health products are not limited to those listed above. The soy protein contains more arginine than the milk and other animal protein products. And it has abundant lipid, linoleic acid and lecithin while is free of cholesterol. The lecithin can clear the redundant cholesterol in the blood. In addition, the soybean protein is more easily to be digested by human than the animal protein which becomes hard when entering into the stomach. That is why children, the elderly and the weak can eat the soy protein products instead of the animal protein products such as milk to supplement necessary nutrition.

The nutritionists suggest people especially those suffer from high level of cholesterol to take in at least twenty five gram soy protein in order to lower the risks of cardiac-cerebral vascular disease.

From the above comparisons we can conclude that soy protein health products can almost replace the animal protein products as long as you can reasonably balance them with fruits and vegetables because all their contents are beneficial to you and provide all the essential elements for human growth.