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Soybean, a Gem in Food World


It is a well-known common sense that soybean is not only good for health, but also has the function of maintaining beauty and keeping young. Therefore, a lot of people, especially women, would like to add soybean as well as soybean-related food in their daily diet. The following will explain the benefits of eating soybean in details.

Generally speaking, the soybean contains abundant high-quality soy protein, unsaturated fatty acid, calcium and Vitamin B. Accurately, the Non-GMO soy protein occupies more than 40% in the whole nutrition composition. Besides C5H11NO2S, the proportion of essential amino-acid is similar to animal protein. What is more, the soybean even contains the lysine that is insufficient in cereal protein. Meanwhile, the fat content in the soybean is ranging from 15% to 20% and the unsaturated fatty acid is more than 85%. Linoleic acid is as high as 50%. A half of the carbohydrate in the soybean is dietary fiber. More importantly, the phosphorous, ferrum, and calcium in every 100g soybean are 571mg, 11mg and 367mg respectively, which are obviously higher than cereals.

Then, what are the concrete functions of the soybean?

In the very first place, it can enhance human immunologic function. The rich soy protein in the soybean contains the essential amino acid and soy saponin, which are good to improve human immunity. Meanwhile, it can prevent vascular sclerosis. The lecithin can get rid of the cholesterol attached on the vessel wall. Thus, the vascular sclerosis, to a large extent, can be stopped. Then, the cardiovascular disease can be prevented and the heart can be protected. Besides, the lecithin can avoid accumulating too much fat in the liver. In other word, the fatty liver caused by obesity can be controlled effectively.

Relaxing the bowels is another beneficial function. The soluble dietary fiber in the soybean has the double functions of relaxing the bowels and lowering down the content of cholesterol. It also can reduce the blood sugar and fat level. In the meantime, the soybean also contains a kind of substance that can restrain pancreatin, which has therapeutical effect on diabetes.

Soy isoflavone has the similar structure to estrogen, which can ease climacteric syndromes and delay women cell ageing. What is more, the soy protein for women also can maintain the elasticity of their skin.

All in all, the soybean can be called the gem in the food world. If you want to be healthy and beautiful, just add soybean in your daily diet.